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Getting well naturally


Some recommendations for you and your health

  • Eating more than 50% raw food has been shown to have many health benefits. To overcome a serious health issues, some experts recommend eating 95% of your diet raw. Here is the link to my favorite raw food webstore by Matt Monarch. You want to read more about eating raw? Order his book "Raw Success" to learn about benefits and challenges of eating raw. Here is my favorite quote from his book: " ...important is not what you eat but what you don't..." Click here to visit his website with wonderful raw food offers.

    The Raw Food World

    • Reishi Mushroom, called sometimes immortality mushroom, can not really make you immortal but it can do some amazing things for you, your health and your immune system. Gano Excel company is making high-potency Ganoderma (Reishi) mushroom supplements. What more, this company doesn't just put the reishi mushroom in capsules. They put it in drinks like tea, hot chocolate and even coffee! Now, many people just have hard time to give up coffee. Coffee is weakening their liver, contributing to their joint pain, and still, they can't give it up. Good news is that with addition of reishi to the instant coffee products (and they have many choices!), Gano Excel managed to create a coffee that is actually healthy and helps to not only overcome negative effects of coffee but actually stimulates liver detoxification. Another of their products has reishi mycelium (the underground part of the mushroom). Now, mycelium in nature is able to decompose chemicals like pesticides, soak in heavy metals, and much more. I imagine that it can do the same for your body! What more, reishi is an amazing immune system enhancer, and can help your body to overcome chronic viral and bacterial infections. If you are interested to try some delicious Coffee, Moca or Hot Chocolate, or get oatmeal with reishi, here is a link to my distributor website.